Both outdoor and indoor events require a power source which is reliable and consistent, whether from Grid (Eskom) Power or from a Generator. Without Power, your event simply cannot happen and the Gearhouse Power team is fully qualified to take care of this element of the show. Our electrical distribution design ensures that should one section of the reticulation trip, sufficient power will remain operational while the fault is identified, isolated and the tripped section re-energised. 

Gearhouse can manage the power and electrical reticulation for the simplest to the most complex of events, when local power is insufficient for the requirements of the event, is unstable, or the proximity of power is a concern; Generator power is often the main power source for the event - especially on outdoor events. Increasingly however, indoor events are now also deploying generators for back up or just in case of a general power outage.

On installation we will provide a Compliance Certificate that covers the entire power reticulation for safe operation.


Gearhouse Power’s design philosophy is that the “show must go on”.