It’s always exciting to get a new product, and the Martin Rush PAR 2 RGBW, which Gearhouse recently acquired through Electrosonic SA was of course no exception…

So, why Rush? What makes this product something worthwhile to have in the Gearhouse kit list?

“Well as anyone in the industry will know, there are a few key factors that come into play, and being in the lighting arena these fixtures meet with a good couple of considerations on my personal check list” says Pierre Huskisson of Gearhouse SA’s Johannesburg Branch.

“Lighting Designers are requesting the Martin Rush Pars more and more, because of their versatility. Just like most other LED PAR cans, these have Red, Green, Blue and White LED's but what makes them so spectacular is that they have a 10 to 60 degree motorised Zoom function and only 12 10W RGBW LED's. 

From the moment they arrived, the Martin Rush PAR 2 RGBW Zoom has had a great impact on lighting various shows. Our crew tested the product out at a Revlon commercial shot, at the annual Mediatech exhibition and on the Johnny Clegg Final Journey Tour and clearly loved the functionality and all it had to offer. So,a big thumbs up to another product that is top of the charts!”

At Gearhouse, the Martin Rushes have been used a truss-toners, strobes and for increased ‘eye candy’ along with all the other standard uses for LED PAR cans and in each of the different ways of using these fixtures, the zoom function played a massive role and didn't disappoint the audience, Lighting Designers, or Lighting Operators.

“At the first glance, one does not realize how powerful the Rush is, in terms of its intensity versus its size. At a mere 5,5 kgs per fixture, they are easy to rig but the versatile double yoke makes it very quick and easy to set up as a floor fixture for a standalone alternative as well. They have an extremely smooth electronic dimming function across the spectrum with great stage coverage so they are ideal for small to medium size venues looking for a decent wash or a bit of back light. The Martin Rush PAR 2 RGBW Zoom is really a phenomenal product, that I am glad to have had the pleasure of working with it” says Huskisson.

Story Pierre Huskisson. Photo Gearhouse

Nov 30, 2017

The Gearhouse Group of Companies