Ettiene Freswick, “ Since graduating from the academy in 2014, I feel I have achieved a lot in the sense of personal growth, specifically in my confidence levels. I have learnt to understand the fundamentals of the industry, which in turn has allowed me to build my career in something I truly love! My most memorable show was the

 participation in the Annual European Music TV Show and “ Sing Meinen Song” in the Grootbos. I started working the “ Sing Meinen Song” gig in 2014, and am still part of it now. It was a very challenging event as it was an outdoor event, but we managed to meet all expectations based on those factors.

When it comes to problem solving, it isn’t always black and white and sometimes there are hidden problems as each event faces its own unique challenges. It comes down to evaluating, drawing up a solution and then executing it in the most viable way. I always attempt to solve the problem myself before I call on the experts to assist. I started as a intern and through my work ethic, determination and eagerness, I have been privileged to form part of the Gearhouse Group. Now filling the role as senior lighting technician I would say, is most definitely my proudest achievement thus far.

Story and photo by Liza Hooper 

Nov 30, 2017

The Gearhouse Group of Companies