U2 …. can rent the new Carbon ultra-lightweight, curvable large format LED screen.

A new edition to LEDVision (Pty) Ltd’s growing family of ROE LED products is the new Carbon Series, which is ultra-light weight and incorporates the latest in ROE carbon fibre technology. The innovative industrial design and superb visual effect offered by this product, not only provides for stable performance and ease of maintenance but also saves on manpower through its magnetic assistance feature when it comes to setting up the panels. 

The packaging of the product is an added plus as it comes in one flight case comprising of 8 panels which saves on trucking and storage space. The Carbon is available for outdoors and indoor use and the benefit when it comes to outdoor events and rainy seasons is that it is completely waterproof. 

The system’s fast lock capability and curvable features are its selling point. The panels are available in 600x1200mm with a concave capability at 10 degrees and convex capability at 15 degrees.

For heavier applications, the system can be fitted to the new Carbon Touring Frame. The slim design Touring Frame makes it easy to transport and to set up resulting in cost savings on both transport and rigging manpower for ROE Carbon clients.

And an interesting fact is that U2 are making use of this product on their next tour which will surely give us a good preview of what this product is capable of and its overall performance!

Story Liza Hooper, Photo Courtesy ROE

Aug 29, 2017

The Gearhouse Group of Companies