Participants in the CANSA Relay for Life Corporate event on 20th September got to experience a 12m journey through the “Tunnel of Remembrance”.

The unique tunnel structure was sponsored for this event by South African specialist design and manufacturing company Gearhouse In2Structures, one of the Gearhouse Group of Companies. In2Structures used an adaptation of their latest and smallest venue design known as the Midi Dome to create the environment. 

The Company has been producing custom designed, portable, fabric covered "spaces" for hire or sale for almost a decade. One of the key features of the highly versatile Dome structures is their ability to be transformed and configured according to the show, event or client’s requirements. Size and capacity can be adjusted by adding or subtracting additional "bays" along the length and, in this case, 3 4m sections of the structure have been used to create a bespoke 12 m long, 6m high tunnel for the CANSA event. 

Dome structures are all locally designed and manufactured apart from the Duraskin outer fabric component (which is imported from Verseidag in Germany) and are constructed from high tensile, arched steel truss sections which are then covered in weatherproof “skins”. The construction method is unique in that the covering is separate and raised above the metal trussing to allow easy access for rigging. The arches themselves have a very generous weight loading capacity of 1000kg per arch, so there is plenty of scope for technical equipment, screens or décor pieces. 

Skins are available in grey/black, white or transparent PVC and are installed using the Keder method of drawing Duraskin through aluminium extrusions to ensure a watertight seal. 

Teflon coating inside and out makes the surfaces easy to clean and the outer coverings provide effective outdoor billboards for bespoke branding.

The structures are supported by trusses anchored directly into the ground and come with full structural certification in all configurations. This is an extremely safe alternative to a marquee type structure with a wind loading of 100 kilometres per hour and a perfect choice for an outdoor tunnel structure.

Story Robyn D'Alessandro, Photo CANSA

Oct 21, 2014

The Gearhouse Group of Companies