At Gearhouse we recognise our staff as our most important asset and take pride in their professional skills which places them amongst the best in the world. Congratulations to our very own Kendall Dixon, Rigging Technical Operations Manager who received the TPSA Best Rigger of the Year award and Jako de Wit, Audio Operations Manager, winner of the TPSA Best Sound Engineer of the year award.

Kendall and Jako answered a few questions on what the recognition means to them, offered advice for aspiring industry movers and also shared with us what fuels their motivation to succeed. 

1. How long have you been with Gearhouse?

Jako: My first gig for Gearhouse was in 1999 but I only really got going at the end of 2002. I have been a freelancer all along except for a year, and now I started at the beginning of August again as a permanent employee.

Kendall: I started here in Sept 1996 as a freelance rigger and lighting technician.

2. What is your role within Gearhouse?

J: I am currently the Operations Manager for Audio in Jhb.

K: Rigging Operations Manager or as recently called ‘the South African Miracle Worker‘(by Sensations international production team)

3. What does winning the TPSA Best Sound Engineer of the year award mean to you?

J: It is always nice to get positive feedback and to be rewarded. The industry is growing and there are lots of very good Sound Engineers out there. The award shows me that I have done good work on the right shows to be noticed.

K: it was a very big compliment especially after all the massive shows I have rigged recently.

4. What advice would you give to aspiring Sound Engineers/Riggers? 

J: There is a saying that you are only as good as your last show. Treat every show with respect. In show business it can go wrong at any time and it is usually those small gigs that you think are going to be easy that can really test your character.

K: Don’t fall!!

5. How do you intend to use this recognition to the best of your advantage? 

J: I have no agenda; I will only use it to motivate myself.

K: I will use the knowledge I have to train my crew to aspire to the same position.

6. Where to from here, what career goals are you working towards?

J: I just started as the Audio Operations Manager and need to get to know this job first; it is taking most of my energy at the moment. I am in a position to give a lot of people the opportunity to work for Gearhouse and to experience the industry. Sometimes it is easy to forget that one works with people’s feelings and dreams. The challenge for me will be not to waste their time; to see their potential and to develop it. I would like to transfer my knowledge to the people around me which will allow me to look for other opportunities.

K: Making the industry safer, and imparting sufficient rigging knowledge to enable others to work more safely..

7. What’s keeps you motivated to achieve to the best of your ability? 

J: I try to find joy and satisfaction from what I do and that motivates me again.

K: International recognition for the events I rig.

8. What beliefs/mottos govern the way you live your life and your approach to your work?

J: Honesty, Health and Happiness.

K: Don’t look down

We would like to congratulate all the Gearhouse staff who were nominated and all those behind the scenes whose ongoing efforts enabled Gearhouse to walk away from this year’s awards with Favourite Lighting Rental Company as well as Favourite Technical Staging Company.

Story Akani Tshimbane, Photos courtesy Gearhouse

Jan 18, 2016

The Gearhouse Group of Companies