Lee Reynolds, Project Manager for the Johannesburg Branch leapt straight into the Production Services world after school when he started work at Spescom Stage and Hire and spent the next nine months learning the basics of audio visual. It was some time later, while working as a freelance production assistant on a Samsung roadshow, that Lee first got to see Gearhouse South Africa in action and the good impression stuck fast.

" I spent the next two years employed by Foghound Studios doing various events and running their content control room. When I resigned to become a freelance Production Manager it did not take long for me to realize that I first had to understand ALL the technical elements involved in a show, before I could claim to run one effectively. I remembered Gearhouse - so here I am." he grins.

In true Gearhouse fashion, Lee was allocated to a job as a freelance AV technician the day after he came for an interview at Gearhouse and after that embarked on a process of broadening his knowledge of Lighting, Rigging, Audio and Structures through freelancing for Gearhouse and various other AV companies. " I got to understand the importance of each element on an event, how they all fit together and what each piece of equipment can do."

Throughout the time that he worked in AV, Lee did not lose sight of what he really wanted to do and when he was offered the position in Project Management at the Cape Town branch of the busy Gearhouse operation; he was more than ready for it.

That was in 2005 and by 2007, he was keen to move up to the Johannesburg branch, but it was only after Lee had the chance to prove himself handling an event on behalf of the Johannesburg operation that he was given the position of Project Manager in Johannesburg, where things are still going strong for Lee and he is growing from strength to strength.

"I think I bring energy and passion,' he says "not only to the company but also to our clients."

The rest of the team at Gearhouse would agree. Lee is a daily example of how one should live one's life to the full. "I tend to live my life as if there were no tomorrow" he affirms. "You have to be passionate and enjoy what you are doing, or you should get out of the job."

When he is not working, Lee spends time with friends and enjoys his nephew and nieces who have recently moved back to SA from the UK. Also a new part of Lee's life is girlfriend, Annelie, who shares not only most of his time off but also his fondness for movies.

Feb 15, 2012

The Gearhouse Group of Companies