Zona de Waal, started her work experience in the events security industry, working as a freelance Events Safety consultant for 6 years with Alliance Safety Management. Having previously run her own security company which provided all the CPO’s (Close Protection Officers) and Venue protection for Sun City’s events; she already had the events industry in her blood. Her progression to Health and Safety seemed a natural thing as she had been exposed to that at Sun City for so many years and from there began studying her Health and Safety Courses. 

Zona also has an Aviation safety course under her belt, “That was very different but a great learning curve in a field completely different to what I was used to.”

Zona is excited to be working for Gearhouse. “It’s a company I admire and a great opportunity for me, as I believe it will give me the chance to empower employees within the biggest player in the events industry. Health and Safety is a passion for me and if I can help to people to see safety as more than just a work-related thing and to realise that they can take it home with them and create a safe environment at home for their families I’ve came one step closer to achieving my goal.” she explains. “For many, safety is common sense, but some just don’t take it seriously. We don’t all have the same reference points - so if we can align our reference points we can make our working environment and our environment safer for everyone”.

When time allows, Zona can be found expressing her creative side through oil painting and gardening.

May 3, 2017

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