A graduate of the Gearhouse Kentse Mpahlwa Academy and now a full time AV Technician with the Gearhouse’s Cape Town Branch; Samsodien Andrews is a self-motivated and dedicated technician, possessing excellent communication skills, a constant desire to learn and grow and a philosophical outlook on life.

“When I started my learnership at Gearhouse; it felt like a dream come true. I finally saw and learned about technology and equipment and it’s a subject about which you just want to learn more and more” he enthuses. Luckily for the new generation of Gearhouse Academy students, he is also a born mentor who is prepared to use his technical knowledge and free time to give back to the students who are climbing the rungs behind him. 

“I feel honoured to be able to share my knowledge with others who are also eager to learn” says Samsodien. “This career means hard work, long hours, late nights and precious little family time. Every successful technician works hard – we work 8 hours for survival but everything over 8 hours is for success.”

He maintains that being part of a company like Gearhouse that is growing rather than stagnating pushes an individual to prove their capabilities and realise their potential. “Change is an integral part of personal growth. When you are faced with the pressure to change, you can react in one of three ways; you can resist the change, you go along with it as a passenger or you can respond to it by learning new skills and attitudes. I will always advocate the last choice. Growing and adapting is difficult and takes time, both for individuals and organisations. The key is to be focussed, patient, humble, willing and to never give up.”

His personal goal is to be one of the best AV Technicians worldwide and he believes that having a vision, clear goals and passion for what you do makes the road to success a lot smoother. “Your courage to persist in the face of adversity and the ability to bounce back after a temporary disappointment will assure your success. Your persistence is the measure of the belief in yourself. Remember, if you persevere, nothing can stop you.”

Aug 24, 2015

The Gearhouse Group of Companies