“Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”. A dynamic and enthusiastic new member of Gearhouse Sales Team in Johannesburg, is Melita Adams, who comes to the role with a strong technical background, having worked her way up through the ranks at Gearhouse over several years in various roles.She started out however, on the performing side of Live Events, as a drama student at the National School of the Arts in 1996. “Once I completed that chapter, I moved to Cape Town for two years where I discovered my independence and love for places and people. With this experience came a hunger for adventure within the film production world. So in 2001, when I hit JHB’s golden streets, I registered at what was then known as RAU, to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Audio-Visual Production Management. In my third year, I got the opportunity to dive right into television production when I was offered a position at Franz Marx Films – EGOLI.” says Melita.

In 2004, she moved into managing events for the daily soap and it was while working in this arena that she realised her passion for live events. However, in 2006, when EGOLI closed their doors, the entire publicity department was dissolved. “In one fell swoop, I lost my TV family. Luckily, I had just started my own family and my 1 year old son kept me motivated to achieve more.” Friends at Sasani Studios asked her to assist in event and production management for a short contract at Frontline Productions on their Skouspel and YOU Spectacular and once that contract ended, another good friend in the industry referred Melita to Gearhouse. “This is where my magical journey began. From logistics to structures and finally to sales….”

“I am strongly focused on productivity and I feel that I bring together logical thinking and bottom-line evaluation.” she says, adding “ I am glad that my journey at Gearhouse started where it did because there is a side to sales you could never learn unless you have walked the full path. My technical and administrative knowledge helps me every day to assist clients in conceptualising working event solutions, within realistic budgets.”

Melita is a vibrant, energetic, young and extremely motivated individual with a sweet and sensitive aura. Her bubbly personality contributes to successful interactions with both internal staff and a diverse range of clients. “I love learning and understanding ideas in order to create the ‘magic’ of an event. I believe in getting the job done and seeing it through to the end.”

Married to her high-school sweetheart, Melita is mother to “two amazing boys and a ballerina.” She is also involved in the management of an NPO radio station in her community called Eldos FM. “Through this platform, I am able to give young people in my community the chance to discover their talents in broadcasting” she says.

Despite her very busy schedule, Melita doesn’t take life too seriously and loves to spend time soaking up the African sun next to a juicy braai or curled up on a comfy chair by the fireplace, immersed in a good book.

Aug 17, 2012

The Gearhouse Group of Companies