Gearhouse ICS

Gearhouse ICS is the latest addition to the Gearhouse Group of Companies. The company offers a complete conference and event solution for the information communication and technology aspects of events; providing IT hardware and software rentals and bespoke event applications as well as interactive audience response systems and electronic voting tools.

All of the ICS applications are developed specifically for the South African market by an in-house team of developers and have the advantage of being cost effective and user-friendly as well as locally supported. Newly developed products include EventsCentral, an online and onsite delegate management and registration system and MediaVue, an online and onsite presentation and content management system. 

Registrations systems 

ICS has the solution to managing your attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, vendors, volunteers, service providers and more. The registration systems will handle the entire registration process from online registration, onsite registration and accreditation to badge design and collection, providing a complete solution including hardware, software and fully trained staff for all your conference registration requirements.

Touch Screen systems 

IC touch screen systems are available to complement the standard registration process, creating additional ways for attendees to register and collect badges at events. These systems can be configured using a variety of validation options such as name, surname, ID / Passport, Barcode, RFID Tag etc. depending on your requirements. Let your attendees register themselves instead of wasting time in queues!

IT Hardware rentals

More than a decade of experience in supplying IT services to the conference and events industry means that ICS is able to relocate your office to the event venue with zero downtime to you.

• Rentals – printers, desktops, notebooks, network devices and peripherals (webcams, headsets, etc.)

• Network Infrastructure – high speed internet supply, network infrastructure (wired and wireless).

• Office Relocation – setup of a mobile office at a venue to your specification.

• On-Site Support – trained staff to assist with IT related support services.

Presentation management 

ICS has developed sophisticated and reliable tools and procedures to manage presentations at conferences of any size. Whether you are working with PC's, Mac's or video clips ... these systems ensure the best integration and accurate playback. Last minute changes? The ICS system guarantees that only the correct version of any talk is the one that shows up in the session room.

The Speaker Centre or Speaker Prep Room provides the finishing touch - giving your presenters the most professional experience possible at your conference. The ICS team is uniquely qualified to establish your Online Submission System, to manage the computers and networks and control all presentation handling with precision and efficient professionalism.

Audience Response systems 

Not only does ICS develop a customised implementation plan through an in-depth assessment of your objectives and requirements and in consultation with your presenters/speakers and facilitator, but years of experience qualifies their staff to assist with the effective design and layout of your questions thereby optimising the results of your real time audience feedback.

Live event streaming

Stream any event live to the Internet, your Facebook page and or integrate with Twitter and other social media sites using the ICS in-house application EventVue. On-demand streaming for your event or company website can be done with ease.

A full list of the company’s services include: Website Design and Development, Online Registration Systems, Online Event Payment Gateways, Online Presentation Upload System, Abstract Management Systems and Peer Review Systems, Web Application Development, On-demand Video, Graphic Design, Onsite Registration Systems, Onsite Ticketing, RFID, Barcode and Bio-Metric Tracking Systems, Onsite Presentation Management System, Live Video Streaming, Interactive Services, Hardware Rental and General IT Services, Copier and Printing Services and Cable and Wireless Network Infrastructure.

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Story Robyn D'Alessandro. Photo courtesy Gearhouse ICS

Nov 24, 2012

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