Avoiding accidents and injuries on the job is everyone's business, isn’t it? So; whatever your role in your organisation why not try “keeping it fun” and introduce a little humour along with your safety facts?

While we all hear about the accident statistics; we tend to let them slip past us, thinking “it will never happen to us.” We may even come across a few signs in the workplace, but does everyone actually “SEE” and “COMPREHEND” the seriousness of the message conveyed?

There are a couple of ways that we can make safety messaging in the workplace more effective:

  • We are visual creatures, so looking at an array of words can cause some of us to lose interest, rendering the message ineffective and probably forgotten in seconds. Try using a simple visual interpretation to get the point across!
  • If you feel a safety regulation is slipping through the cracks, or perhaps your department doesn’t see the need for putting up a warning or caution sign - why not call a small informal meeting and explain the pros and cons to the rest of the department on a more personal level? It is more likely that the point will “stick” when you are keeping the message regularly “out there” and everyone is getting involved.
  • Engage with your staff by creating messages that have an amusement factor or comical angle (despite the seriousness of the message), that would more likely stick in their subconscious minds and drive the message home.

Someone we can relate to…..