Prolyte Group held a three day training course at DWR Distribution in Johannesburg from 1-3 November. Key Account Manager Europe and North Africa, Date Jonkman and Ruud De Deugd from Prolyte Group led the training, focusing on basic rigging techniques and safety standards in the industry.

"Training is so important in the industry and when working with rigging specifically, most people are not well educated and end up learning on the job, from someone who learned from someone else, who probably learned from someone who may not have learned to do it properly," says De Deugd. "That is why Prolyte does these kinds of campuses, worldwide, just to get more knowledge and more awareness of the proper way to work with trussing." 

According to him, South Africa is on par with rigging training and standards across the world. 

"In some European countries, there is a big emphasis on safety, for which they offer special rigging courses, but these are still theoretical courses. In the end though, the level of practical knowledge is the same worldwide, which makes it important for us to offer these training sessions everywhere," he says. This is emphasised by Jonkman, who says: "It's different guys in the same industry around the world, which in essence makes it the same guys, doing the same thing, just in different places." 

Prolyte Group offers a variety of rigging courses for various levels of experience, but their main focus remains teaching basic rigging information with a practical session. The course offered at DWR was a three day session, with the first day focussing on basic tips on how to use trussing in a practical way. The second day saw them speak more about industry standards in general, as well as in South Africa specifically. Then the final day focussed on ground support and theoretics, with a practical session to end off the course. 

Says DWR Distribution Sales Director Robert Izzett: "This was the first time we had ever hosted the Prolyte Campus and we were thrilled with the response. We hope to host this course again, hopefully in the new year, and I believe every person who works with trussing in the industry should attend. On this particular course we had both experienced and novice riggers – everybody walked away with a wealth of knowledge and at the end of the day, it's all about the safety and doing things better."

Gearhouse's team that attended the training, had this to say:

"I think the course has been brilliant. There is a lot of stuff that we have been doing and we realize now that there are alternate ways of doing things. It's a learning curve and it's awesome. We got to ask a lot of questions and receive answers back immediately, which was really great." Peter Abrahamse

"I really think truss should not be sold unless the person completes this course. There is a lot of information that is very good - people don't always realize the complexity of trussing systems. There are many things thatuninformed safety officers want, that actually at the end of the day can result in an issue. It's a very good course." Anthony Banks

Reprinted courtesy ProSystems Magazine

Nov 17, 2016

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