Luvuyo, “ I have learnt to work on my time management, as I see how crucial it is when under time constraints to work under pressure. I am passionate with a sensitive side too, and believe that one day I may follow a career path in Audio or Audio Visual. Growth and learning at this stage in my life, is most valuable to me. Its about enhancing your skills early! Skills sharing is key and it would be very encouraging to us if we could have gear allocated to us specifically, so we could work more pro-actively in our training and career growth."

Melusi, “ On a recent gig, I was overcome with a great sense of accomplishment... although I started with less knowledge, I walked off the event full of lessons, patience and love. Good prepping eliminates the challenges you might face on the day of the event. I am learning to troubleshoot and identify problems 1st hand, then if needed I will ask a senior for assistance. I want to make a mark in the industry, I want to influence young people by living my dream and maybe do a career awareness. talk about it."

May 3, 2017

The Gearhouse Group of Companies