LEDVision (Pty) Ltd, a full-service LED screen supplier, and part of the Gearhouse Group of Companies, has expanded its rental stockholding once again to offer more innovative options to the local live event market. 

The company's latest investment in over one hundred square meters of Radiant 7mm indoor/outdoor panels gives LEDVision the capacity to build two HD resolution screens of the new product.

This is the first acquisition of this particular LED product for use in the South Africa market and offers not only the most sophisticated lightweight touring frame of any mesh panel to date, but also the option to stack, fly or curve screens, depending on the requirements of the event. These extremely versatile panels can be configured in any format and have the capability to curve at a +/-10% horizontal degree.

The M7 is a black diode 3in1 SMD screen with the highest contrast ratio product available and a 4000nits output, so users can look forward to exceptional brightness, high resolution and adaptability for forthcoming events.

Story Robyn D’Alessandro, Photo by ZooM Photography

Mar 15, 2015

The Gearhouse Group of Companies