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Leading South African specialist design and manufacturing company, Gearhouse In2Structures has been producing custom designed, portable, fabric covered "spaces" or Dome Structures for hire or sale for almost a decade. This year they launched the latest in the range, known as the Midi Dome.

These structures are all locally designed and manufactured apart from the Duraskin outer fabric component (which is imported from Verseidag in Germany) and are constructed from high tensile, arched steel truss sections which are then covered in weatherproof “skins”. The construction method is unique in that the covering is separate and raised above the metal trussing to allow easy access for rigging.

Skins are available in grey/black, white or transparent PVC and are installed using the Keder method of drawing Duraskin through aluminium extrusions to ensure a watertight seal. The covering provides a complete blackout, if necessary. 

Teflon coating inside and out makes the surfaces easy to clean and the outer coverings provide effective outdoor billboards for bespoke branding. 

These highly versatile structures can be transformed and configured according to the show or event and the client’s requirements. Size and capacity can be adjusted by adding or subtracting additional "bays" along the length. 

The structures are supported by trusses anchored directly into the ground and come with full structural certification in all configurations.

The current range of structures is distingushed by width, ranging between 20m and 36m wide with a generous load bearing capacity of 1500-3000 kg UDL per arch respectively and a wind speed safety rating of 100-120km per hour. 

The latest in the range is the 16m wide Midi Dome structure, which has been designed specifically to cater for the smaller event and offers an upmarket alternative to marquee venues for capacities of around 300 - 400 (banquet-style) to 500-700 (cinema) with stage area.

All structures are purpose-built for specific applications and have the option of automated doors, emergency exits and air-conditioning for Summer or Winter as well as attachable foyers, kitchens, dressing rooms, decks etc.

In2Structures consider all related services such as site layout of kitchens, ablutions, tensile surround structures, landscaping and parking facilities in conjunction with the client's architects or directly. They also advise or partner with their local suppliers regarding installation of additionals such as air conditioning, working / safety lights and emergency signage internally.

In2Structures Domes have proved successful internationally, and have been exported for use in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (UAE) as multipurpose venues and to Azerbaijan as an Ice Rink. The company is extending its reach into new markets with a unique product that has a wide range of uses.

In Africa, the Dome Structures have been used mainly to host events, conferences and international summits but they also have a host of other possible uses across the Industrial (warehousing, temporary buildings for mining/forestry/exploration in remote areas), Community (humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, churches, schools, military operations), Hospitality (gaming, entertainment venues) and Commercial (retail, automotive) sectors. 

Depending on stock and your requirements for entrances and finishes, structures can be ready for shipping within a few weeks. With the correct preparation of the site, a complete installation can be done within 7 – 14 days.

Please visit website for more information. 

Story Robyn D'Alessandro, Photo In2Structures

Jun 25, 2013

The Gearhouse Group of Companies