LEDVision has enjoyed an exciting growth period since November 2012. The events have kept coming and the demand for LED has not dwindled; despite the downturn the rest of the industry seemed to have suffered over the same period. On the contrary, the past 8 months has given this dynamic company the opportunity to grow, accomplish goals and function at optimum capacity. 

LEDVision has had the opportunity to branch out with some exciting, dynamic and innovative design. The extensive experience of this enthusiastic team has enabled them to create fresh and different designs using their full range of products. A prime example of this type of usage is the design for the MTV Africa All Stars hosted in Durban. The stage was completely transformed using a funky design with a 453 panel configuration which resulted in a captivating environment in which to deliver the event message. Another example was the Gupta wedding, held recently in Sun City. LEDVision had the opportunity to provide columns of LED screens creating a surreal illusion. “LEDVision is looking forward to more opportunities to play around with the technology” says Managing Director, Richard Baker “We aim to make each and every event completely original.” 

Being a market leader in LED screens within South Africa means that LEDVision is required to keep abreast of the evolving LED industry. The LEDVision team has to maintain an on-going awareness of LED technology advancements and global developments to enable them to offer the latest and best products to their clients. Together with their international partners, LEDVision has already created a strong foothold in the South African live events market with a comparatively small team of talented engineers and technicians. 

Despite the LEDVision family growing in initiative and aptitude; maintaining a team on the smaller side is one of their primary goals. “Being a niche company, we have the ability to provide personal service to our valued clients and have the opportunity to keep optimising our systems and procedures as we are all involved on a daily basis.” 

Testimony to their ‘smaller is better’ approach, is LEDVision’s very effective and well organised workshop, without which; according to Baker, they would not be able to realise their objectives for each event. “At LEDVision we strive for excellence in all facets of our business starting with a well-stocked workshop, the best equipment available, in-house repair facilities and efficient processes and procedures.

We are excited about the upcoming months which promise plenty of opportunities to use our creativity in providing innovative solutions. LEDVision aims to keep our supplier and client relationships in a good space by making them proud to work with us and interested in pushing the boundaries of LED technology.”

Story courtesy Daniella Rossouw, Photo Internet

Jun 26, 2013

The Gearhouse Group of Companies