Joshua Cutts of Visual Frontier spoke to us about a recent show for which he designed the lighting and contracted Gearhouse SA, LEDVision and Gearhouse Splitbeam to provide full technical production elements.

Gospel artist Joe Niemand, who performed at The CocaCola Dome, Johannesburg, packed out the venue for the “Night of Light” concert on the 20th March 2012.

“The challenge was that we only had 36 hours to rig the entire show and for rehearsals,” explained Josh. Joe Niemand, who presents modern day Christianity, is very specific about what he wants. Everything had to be pre-programmed and Joshua couldn’t allow himself to work on the fly. Each of the 23 tracks had to have specific colours and specific video content which ran on 220 Duo LED panels provided by LEDVision.

“Because we had specific content, we had to sync video and lighting with audio,” said Joshua. “It was complicated and the solution was to get the time code running from Pro Tools. Basically when the musical director pressed ‘play’ on stage, all lighting and video was triggered. That’s why I got the PC Wing.”

The grandMA PC Wing had just been released. “I picked up the product, not knowing what it would do. At home, I sat down and was completely comfortable and could then programme off-line, in the comfort of my own home,” said Joshua.

“Joe Niemand has a very strong vision to make the world a better place through music and Jesus,” he added. The show had a rock and roll feel and included a 23 piece orchestra and for the last few songs of the evening, a choir consisting of 500 members - all on stage.

The design consisted of a central stage in the round with lighting shooting upwards as well as downwards, creating a 'column of light'. Most of the fixtures were rigged off the 16 x 16m, 14m high TFL ground support. The 2 ton LED screen was configured into a square ensuring equal viewing angles from all audience areas and could be moved up and down by means of an IBEX system.

“Doing any concert in the round is a challenge,” said Joshua. “All four sides of the auditorium have to be able to see the artist, but it was awesome.”

Equipment and technical support was project managed by Attie van Staden and Lee Reynolds. “The guys broke their backs to get the rig in,” said Joshua. “Many times it seemed a crazy venture and unachievable, even just getting the lights rigged and programmed. Marcel Wijnberger is part of the Media Department at Gearhouse and he was running the VPUs for me. Working with him was a cool experience, his knowledge and calm nature kind of puts your feet back on the ground when you are hitting a moment of stress. He had lost his voice and still stuck it out for the full 36 hour period.”

Well done Josh and the Gearhouse Group, it was a great looking show and worth every moment of effort!

Lighting Equipment

20xPhilips Vari-Lite VLX20xPhilips Vari-Lite 300060xLongman Color Me 01148xMartin 10172xSource Four 19 Deg20xADB 2k Fresnels1xgrandMA2 light2xgrandMA2 VPUs2xgrandMA2 NPUs (all running in sync)2x5k Panthers1x5k Search LightStory Reprinted Courtesy DWR, Photos By Eduan Kitching

Aug 13, 2012

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