It was as early as May 2013 that IEC client, Cassandra (Cassy) Price, Business and Events Manager from the International Egg Commission, contacted Travis Smith, Venue Technical Manager from INHOUSE Venue Technical Management (IVTM) with regard to an upcoming international event to be held at the WESTIN HOTEL in September 2013. At that early stage, the event was planned as a very basic conference with a generic equipment requirement - a 3 day conference to be held over a 4 day period. As the WESTIN HOTEL’s onsite supplier, IVTM was on brought on board for the conference from the outset. 

Travis met the client in June when IEC came to the hotel to discuss the event and realised that the event had developed considerably in scale and complexity. With limited time in South Africa, the IEC team was under pressure to procure suppliers for translation, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish interpreters as well as décor for a gala dinner taking place offsite, within the limited time frame they had. It came, therefore, as a great relief that IVTM was able to take over the sourcing, coordination and overseeing of all of these aspects on their behalf, giving them the advantage of single contact access to all these elements and alleviating the stress factor appreciably. A result, the decision was made to move the Gala Dinner to the Ballroom at the Westin Hotel as well and keep the entire event under IVTM’s care.

According to Cassy, Travis took the time to fully understand their requirements with the result that the event was delivered expertly, adding “Julian and I were very pleased with the service that Travis provided us and in particular his ability to react and provide solutions for our various requests.”

“Dealing with a client who is based overseas can be difficult for both parties because it is not a clear face to face communication, but we had a good relationship right from the start and that relationship is what caused the event to run smoothly without any hitches whatsoever,” said Travis. 

“IVTM positions itself as ‘Your Technology Partner’ in the conference industry and we do whatever we can to smooth the road. Our clients need to be able to hand over their technical headaches from the start and feel safe in the belief that we will take on the technical aspects with full commitment to deliver a top quality event for them, every single time” he concluded.

Story and Photos courtesy Travis Smith

Mar 28, 2014

The Gearhouse Group of Companies