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INHOUSE Venue Technical Management, a subsidiary of the Gearhouse Group South Africa, has taken another delivery of 12 units of the Bose L1 Compact portable PA system supplied by Durban-based Energywise Systems over recent months into its various operations across the country. Starting with an initial purchase of 8 sets in 2010, IVTM has now increased its stock holding to 113 units nationally.

The Bose L1 Compact is the smallest and lightest in the L1 range and features a 6 speaker articulated array and integrated subwoofer which provides smooth tonal balance and coverage in a compact package. This; combined with its built-in 2 channel mixer and Tonematch pre-sets, makes Bose L1 an ideal candidate for the IVTM corporate market. IVTM is contracted to a large portfolio of conference and entertainment venues countrywide and needed an audio system versatile and compact enough to cater for the day to day needs of their client base. As such, the Bose L1 Compact suits the IVTM requirements perfectly.

The IVTM brand, amongst its extensive stock holding, offers the Bose L1 for the simple reason that it works on many platforms, is flexible and has a warm sound that fits completely into the corporate marketplace of the conference and event industry. It has the benefit of looking great too. In a brand conscious world, it fits the job perfectly. 

Energywise Systems out of Durban supplied the L1 Compacts to IVTM. Energywise GM, Debbie Alexander explains “We were approached by them through a referral as we had the stock available. Since then it’s been a regular supply. We do our best to deliver the stock all on time and within budget. We are extremely glad that we are able to get the product out there in such quantities and that they believe it is the right product for the intended application. We, at Energywise, are firm believers in the Bose sound and are proud to see what a small system like the L1 Compact is capable of, so, for IVTM to procure the amount of units they have shows great faith in the product and the Bose brand. We are looking forward to seeing more of it out there. We also stock Bose’s new offering - the F1 powered system and are hoping to see that move into the market in a big way this year.” 

Energywise Systems is a proud distributor of Bose Professional products and offers system design, consultation, technical backup and support to clients looking for a quality professional audio solution across the varying applications. All Bose products come standard with a 5 year warranty.

INHOUSE Venue Technical Management (Pty) Ltd services a fast growing portfolio of 4 and 5 star hotels, convention centres, conference centres and casinos around the country. IVTM’s onsite technical team manage the technical requirements within venues with the expertise and detail-oriented approach required by the clients of the prestigious venues, they are fortunate enough to partner with. 

“Outsourcing of this function is becoming a regular demand, as venues realise the convenience of having technical experts on hand, every day, for experience support, advice, and most of all efficient delivery,” says IVTM Director Vernon Govender “It is no longer as desirable for venues to purchase, maintain and operate their own equipment when we can keep the technology in line with international trends on their behalf.”

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Story and Photo by Energywise

Feb 19, 2016

The Gearhouse Group of Companies