The Annual African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa, hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) from the 12 to the 14th May 2015, is the industry’s only global meeting place, conference and trade exhibition for African power and water utility professionals.

This is a 3-day conference with 3 plenary keynotes and 9 conference tracks; offering solutions around power generation, T&D, metering, clean energy, finance, reliability, water supply or energy efficiency. Associated Exhibition floor space with 4 workshop areas ensured that attendees were given the opportunity to see some of the latest technological advances in the power industry, hear from the experts and participate in some serious networking.

When Event Organiser, Spintelligent, approached ICT solutions provider, Gearhouse ICS, for assistance with an onsite registration solution for this 15th Annual AUW event; they had no idea how much more they would be able to offer the conference in terms of improved efficiency, better communications and in depth post-event insights. Discussions between the two parties led to ICS providing a full service ICT solution for the conference which included Online and Onsite Registration systems, Speaker Presentation Management, Delegate Tracking, Event Archive Recording, Lead Retrieval and Session Streaming – a little something for everyone.


An online registration solution provided by ICS interfaced seamlessly with the Event Organiser’s own CRM system, making information transfer a painless process. On registration, the site generated unique barcodes for each user ensuring that the onsite registration process moved at a smooth 15 seconds per registration, for 4500 attendees, over the 3 day duration. 


The event speakers themselves were processed equally efficiently by ICS’s Speaker Presentation Management System, MediaVue, which took care of the presentation checking - to ensure functionality, compatibility and to allow for any small last minute changes - before handling the scheduling and distribution of 312 presentations for 257 speakers across 16 different rooms. Peace of mind for all involved!

All rooms included a presenter view at the lectern and Front of House, with the normal view sent to the projector and comfort monitor for panel discussions. Presentation audio was recorded in every room for review and archiving purposes. 

For inclusivity, the plenary sessions were streamed live to various locations within the CTICC via a local network HD stream, which included video and audio from the main session. The ICS team used a Mediastar 775s HD encoder to stream over the CTICC’s own network infrastructure and mac mini’s to decode the stream where required.


One of the most important services for any exhibitor is lead retrieval and more importantly the capability to safely record and store leads for retrieval at a later stage. Leads scanned by the exhibitors on the floor were managed and stored online by ICS in a user-friendly excel format for use by the Exhibitors in the follow up stages. 


The ICS team also used barcodes to gather event intelligence. For the Event Organisers, understanding what will capture your delegates’ interest or inspire further engagement is key to the success of any event. Session popularity and delegate involvement was tracked using barcode technology with a post-event report produced for use in the planning of subsequent sessions and to provide information for ensuing marketing drives.

An access control system was used to manage admission to the delegate-only lunch area ensuring that the same badge could not enter the area more than once.


ICS brought Social media to the fore incorporating a live twitter feed on the main screens. The client preferred an open Twitter feed, (no vetting was done on the feed). They were confident that the AUW’s area of interest and the quality of the experience would not generate negative tweets. Judging by some of the comments on that feed - the experience was a good one all round.

“We are now confident that we can grow this event into the biggest utility conference in Africa.” Evan Schiff, Event Director

Story Robyn D’Alessandro, Photos courtesy Gearhouse ICS

May 28, 2015

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