The Gearhouse Group of Companies is known for its ability to effectively deliver the very latest in event technology, on demand, across the country. What is less obvious, but equally important, for this sizeable operation is to ensure that its behind-the-scenes ICT infrastructure has sufficient capacity to support, protect and streamline its business function across all regions. 

The company has recently embarked on a broad infrastructure upgrade programme that has been designed and implemented by Gearhouse. Deployment of a new Gearhouse Corporate Data and VOIP Network forms part of this project.

A new service–provider-managed MPLS network has been spec’d with automatic failover, and this, together with a state of the art CISCO based internal environment that provides user access, is being rolled out to all three branches. This will effectively speed up and manage network traffic flow whilst ensuring that system failures do not impact critical business processes. The internal network has been designed to provide full hardware and intra-site redundancy at each branch. The design also allows for server to server and server to storage resiliency, so that system users would not even be aware that a disruption has occurred.

Gearhouse has engaged with service provider, Integr8 Group, to perform the migration and implementation of an improved hardware environment which will use DMZ concepts for increased security and greater network integrity. The migration/implementation of the new DMZ environment will be onto the new core network.

The DMZ environment will also host a new virtualisation platform consisting of virtual servers with shared storage.

The overall solution will assist Gearhouse in ensuring that the implemented network solution is equipped and connected with the correct server hardware and services to continue delivering the standard of service staff have become accustomed to from Gearhouse. At the same time it should reduce the overall costs associated with the required network and infrastructure. 

Anticipated results from the technology upgrade include:-

  • Improved infrastructure performance.
  • Improved infrastructure availability.
  • Optimised storage utilization.
  • Optimised computer resource utilisation.
  • Increased hardware and network redundancy.
  • Future proofing that is seamlessly scalable to the business requirements.

The project is scheduled to conclude by January 2013, benefitting Gearhouse Group clients in terms of increased operational efficiency and accelerated service delivery from the beginning of the new year.

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Nov 24, 2012

The Gearhouse Group of Companies