Gearhouse SA has made a substantial investment in new Martin and Robe moving lights in recent months, with the purchase of 72 x Martin MAC Vipers and 150 fixtures from Robe’s ROBIN series including Pointes, DLX, DLS and DLF and LEDWash 600s.

This is to service a busy ongoing show and event schedule heading into autumn. As a leading production company, Gearhouse is under constant pressure to keep pace with the technology on all fronts. Their strategy is always in tune with what international LDs visiting SA with their shows and tours are specifying as well as offer the most versatile and flexible options available for their own lighting designers and directors.

The equipment was delivered by the brands’ respective distributors, Electrosonic (Martin) and DWR Distribution (Robe). Gearhouse MD Ofer Lapid explains that in the case of the Vipers, they were looking for a product that would continue the success of the Mac2K which has been a serious workhorse product for the company for several years. He comments that the Viper is extremely bright, lighter than the 2K and also robustly built.

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Story courtesy ProSystems magazine, Photo ZooM Photography

Nov 27, 2013

The Gearhouse Group of Companies