Gearhouse invests in more dot2


The largest grandMA2 users in Africa, the Gearhouse Group of companies, have taken delivery of another seven dot2 consoles.

In 2015, Gearhouse purchased four lightweight and compact dot2 XL-F consoles to accommodate their day to day business of smaller shows and corporate events. Due to the reliability and stability of these consoles, Gearhouse recently invested in another seven, purchased from DWR Distribution. Three brand new dot2 XL-Fs have been distributed to the Gearhouse branches in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, while INHOUSE Venue Technical Management (IVTM) have purchased four dot2 Cores, a console designed for small to medium sized productions with up to 4 096 control channels.

MA ticks all the boxes, and most importantly, does what it says it does on the box. It boots up, functions every time, and has proven to be a workhorse.


Apr 19, 2018

The Gearhouse Group of Companies