Brian Madiba (46) is a theatre crew freelancer who is passionate about running. This year will be his tenth Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon race but many are not aware of what it takes for this man to be there. A couple of friends in the industry, Alistair Kilbee from Gearhouse Splitbeam and Duncan Riley from DWR Distribution, decided to lend a hand.

Running is in Brian’s family, it’s what his brothers and uncles do, and the sport he has participated in for the past 27 years. He trains every day, twice a day in fact when he is not working. 

Based in Johannesburg, Brian makes use of public transport to get to the Two Oceans in Cape Town. It means catching a mini bus and travelling some 1 400 kilometres. 

When he arrives in Cape Town, usually on a Thursday, Brian stays in a tent in Newlands at the Runner’s Village, designed to give runners who have financial constraints, accommodation. The race is hosted on a Saturday. “If I’m in the running for a prize, I wait for the prize giving and then go home immediately afterwards,” Brian explains.

In December, while working as a member of the Stage Crew for the load-in at Singing in the Rain at Montecasino, Brian spoke to Alistair Kilbee. “I asked if there was any additional work I could do as I wanted to raise R1 000 to enter the Two Oceans Marathon,” he said. “Alistair said I should contact him again in February.”

In the meantime, Alistair phoned Duncan Riley of DWR, who agreed to also assist. “Brian was so happy when I told him we were able to give him R2 000,” said Alistair. “I feel honoured that Duncan was so open to this and willing to help at the drop of a hat, for someone he does not even know.”

The extra funds mean that instead of staying in a tent, Brian will be able to afford more comfortable accommodation. “I was so amazed and so excited,” said Brian. “I just needed R1 000!”

Having spoken to Brian and hearing his story, DWR have decided to take it a step further. “It’s all about the little things,” said Duncan. “We have not told Brian yet, but he’ll soon find out when he reads the proof of this press release. We would like to sponsor new running clothes, branded with Splitbeam and DWR, and a new pair of running shoes. In addition, we will look into the cost of flights and hope to see Brian right there at the finish line, having run his heart out.”

Story and Photo DWR

Feb 19, 2016

The Gearhouse Group of Companies