As part of Gearhouse ongoing efforts to comply with one of their key client’s safety requirements, the company’s drivers took part in the TOPGEAR Driving Academy programme with the aim of educating themselves with the necessary skills and hands-on training to cope with any compromising road/driving situations.

The refresher Defensive Driving course comprised of: a defensive Driving Tutorial and On Road Driving training followed by an evaluation for which the Gearhouse drivers obtained an aggregate of 80+ % each.

The Gearhouse Group takes pride in its status as leaders in event safety across all aspects. It is therefore only “SAFE” to say that they following through on their promise right from the starting point.. i.e. transport… making the event journey smooth sailing by preparing and training their drivers to this level.

“We are very excited to have been able to send our drivers, Makhosana Sithole, Nguako Maseyakwala, Pieter Swanepoel and Simo Mafeleka to this course” says KP Kruger, JHB Branch's Transport Supervisor. “They last attended two years back and we need to be sure that the expertise is maintained and no-one falls into ‘bad habits’. It is a great pleasure to acknowledge their accomplishments on this course because they are a valuable part of organisation whose contribution is valued by us all. The way I see transport as a department in the Gearhouse Group is that we are delivering a service to our internal clients (all the other departments/companies in the Group) and if we can achieve that to a high standard then the end client will also get the best service from the Group”.

“The programme, we believe, is something that they will carry over into their day-to-day working environment making them not only safer on the roads but aware of how to deal with situations that could quite easily have catastrophic results” says Zona De Waal, Health and Safety Manager at Gearhouse’s JHB branch. “KP is working with his team to instil this work ethic throughout and we at Gearhouse are proud to see a concerted effort made to achieve a team that is highly trained and skilled in more than just the basics.”

We love back to basics, but we prefer being in TOPGEAR!

Story by Liza Hooper, Photo TOPGEAR

May 3, 2017

The Gearhouse Group of Companies