The Inhouse Venue Technical Management team, based at CTICC, had the privilege of being involved in two farewell events that were hosted for the outgoing CEO, Rashid Toefy. The one was an internal relaxed staff event and the other was a formal external stakeholder.

The interactive staff farewell involved as many staff and service providers as possible to pay tribute to a great leader and thank Rashid for his leadership, contribution and the opportunity to be part of such a successful organisation.

From a lovely entrance by a school band leading Rashid into the venue… a song and dance routine from the operations, maintenance and banqueting teams, a flash mob (including the Chefs, Sales and Event Executives, as well as a member of our own IVTM CTICC office) to a lovely guitar and violin duo by a couple of CTICC staff members, this event was full of warmth and laughter. Throughout the afternoon, there was one common thread that one could not help noticing – this leader is loved and respected by all of his staff.

In this fast paced, dynamic industry that we are all involved in, an important message came through to all who attended this function – a true leader is only as strong as the team that he surrounds himself with - and the success of the CTICC is a true reflection of this man’s dedication to training and developing his employees and encouraging each and every one of them to grow. It has been said that Rashid turned CTICC from a large events centre, into a warm people-driven environment, with a team who are passionate about their work. As the contracted preferred AV supplier based at the CTICC, IVTM are very proud to be a part of this team.

Story by Tracey Morris, Photos by Jacques Fourie

Jul 10, 2014

The Gearhouse Group of Companies