“Women need to recognise and embrace their particular strengths as individuals and use those to contribute to the workspace, without feeling that they need to adopt the traits of their male colleagues to make their mark.” Robyn

“It is not easy. We know there is a lot of lifting, long hours and hard work but if being in the live production industry is your dream, then hang in there. Nothing comes easy in life..” Anathi

“Woman in business play the long and deep game; they work with courage, integrity and adaptability propelled by purpose and resilience... every day, every week, every year.” Ellrina

“I have never once thought I was at a disadvantage as a woman, so that has definitely not been my personal experience.” Helen

“I sometimes think that we focus too much on what is wrong, and tend to lose sight of what is right. We need to believe in ourselves and know that we can make a change!” Jessica

“Gender shouldn’t be an issue if you put in the work and attain the experience. If you fall seven times you had better make sure that you get up on the eighth.” Sipokhazi

“We as women ought to strive to move away from gender stereotypes, at the end of the day we are not that different to men. In a working environment, we need to understand and embrace each other and remind ourselves that we are all working towards the same goal. “ Madeleine

“We should all support and stand together as women; when you motivate a woman, you uplift the whole community.” Kitumetsi

“Women should not be discouraged or intimidated by the capabilities of men. Be determined, inspired and motivated by the skills and passion you have for the craft or career you want to pursue and your success will follow.” Nancy

“My goal is to empower people and to educate fellow staff to see safety as a way of life and not a job specific issue. It’s up to us to never give up, or allow any man to subdue our passion – Women are the crown in God's creation.” Zona

“When I started out as a freelancer for LEDVision, things suddenly got real and difficult and I realised I had to stand on my own two feet and do what I had to do to get the job done. It was a turning point for me.” Liezel

“It’s about breaking the stereotypes and leaving your mark. I see myself as the Rigging Head of Department in years to come, surrounded by other strong women who are not afraid to raise their voices and who believe in themselves.” Zamile

Aug 29, 2017

The Gearhouse Group of Companies