The ideal and complete conference and event solution, from registration to audience response systems, has taken shape in the newly formed company, Gearhouse ICS. 

Talks about a merger between INHOUSE Venue Technical Management IT (IVTM IT) and Global ICS started late last year. Gearhouse SA Pty (Ltd) Directors, Ofer Lapid and Nasser Abbas, MD of INHOUSE Venue Technical Management, Ashraf Omar, MD of Evaluate Interactive, Brenda Caplen and MD of Global ICS, Thabiet Waggie are the key players in this - the Gearhouse Group’s 10th company.

Ashraf Omar explains, “I saw an opportunity within the information technology rental fields and contacted Thabiet to discuss our options. Thabiet has extensive IT rental experience and has been in the industry for a long time.”

Ashraf then asked Thabiet to look at the equipment so a decision as to the project’s plausibility could be made. “I suggested to Thabiet that we ensure we obtain the best technology for the project.”

“It was a natural fit”, says Thabiet,“since both companies service the conference and events industry. IVTM IT Rentals takes care of hardware rentals and Global ICS has developed a number of applications, including a registration system and a presentation management system for conferences.” 

Brenda Caplen's experience in the southern African conference and events industry is proving an invaluable addition to the ICS team. Brenda handles the Johannesburg operation as part of her remit.

"In Thabiet, I saw the opportunity to get involved with someone with the same business approach and beliefs as myself." she says, "We had already been collaborating on a number of jobs informally and with the establishment of Gearhouse ICS, he saw the potential of adding my specialised experience to the ICS mix as well."

On 1 March, Gearhouse ICS Pty (Ltd) was officially opened. The new company now provides IT hardware, software, and project management services. Their newly developed products include; EventsCentral , which is the online and onsite delegate management and registration system and MediaVue, the online and onsite presentation and content management system.

Ashraf says that at the initial development phase, business was somewhat erratic. “but we could see it would be profitable, he explains. We are already receiving great international interest and foresee many more potential markets. Thabiet, in my opinion, is the best person to run this as you need someone with passion and love for the business; he has both.”

Thabiet, who has more than 10 years experience in the industry, explains that these applications were developed specifically for the South African market. “We have our own team of developers who look after our product”, says Thabiet.

Adrian de Vries is the lead software developer for both EventsCentral and MediaVue “When we developed the software for EventsCentral, we really kept the end-user, our client, in mind,” Adrian explains. “We have developed it so that the front-end is very easy to use, but it has full functionality. The client should not assume that it is lacking in any functionality because it is so easy to manage. EventsCentral can be customized exactly to our client’s needs.”


Adrian also developed MediaVue, which took about a year to finalise. “This program eases the process for presenters who can upload their presentations at a central point,” he explains, “Then the presentation is delivered over the network to the relevant room, eliminating the usual running around with memory sticks. This system is unique in South Africa but it is on par with international standards. We do constant updates and modify it as we go along.”

Thabiet says Gearhouse ICS Pty (Ltd) is committed to improving the events industry by using efficient information technology to raise the level of professionalism.

Gearhouse ICS has offices in Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban.

A full list of the company’s services include: Website Design and Development, Online Registration Systems, Online Event Payment Gateways, Online Presentation Upload System, Abstract Management Systems and Peer Review Systems, Web Application Development, On-demand Video, Graphic Design, Onsite Registration Systems, Onsite Ticketing, RFID, Barcode and Bio-Metric Tracking Systems, Onsite Presentation Management System, Live Video Streaming,   Interactive Services, Hardware Rental and General IT Services, Copier and Printing Services and Cable and Wireless Network Infrastructure. 

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Story Robyn D'Alessandro, Photos Gearhouse ICS

May 17, 2012

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