About Havaseat

A Grandstand Seating System which is aesthetically pleasing and engineered for simple and quick assembly. Havaseat is a high quality, temporary grandstand seating system suitable for the most prestigious events. Whether it's a sophisticated fashion show, a festive concert or a TV Show, our seating system offers event managers the perfect way of finishing off a perfect setting with the use of top quality, lightweight materials. Engineered for simple and quick assembly, the system is designed systematically and logically ensuring that the assembly and dismantle time is kept to a minimum. Up to 1000 seats built per day.

Non-slip wooden floorboards ensure that our seating stands are quiet and sound absorbing.

Designed according to European and American safety standards, the system combines 11 and 22 deg seating gradients to optimise viewing and space utilisation with 2.5 seats per sqm.

The grandstand seating system is imported from the world's largest supplier and producer of formwork. Based in Germany, PERI is considered the technological leader in the scaffolding and formwork sector.

PERI applied their expertise to the field of grandstands.

The result: PERI ARENA

Can a seating stand be attractive? It has to be!

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