Gearhouse Audio rental division holds its own with the best in the world and can meet the most demanding of international riders with a high standard of equipment and skills equally suited to a multi-system outdoor concert or small PA for a conference.

Our Audio rental division stocks a range of high level Line array systems including L’Acoustics K1, K2, KARA, Kudo and V Dosc as well as the more corporate JBL, Meyer and Nexo systems for smaller events. A set of the latest digital mixing systems augments an already comprehensive inventory. The Audio team prides itself on "keeping its ear to the ground" to stay abreast of current trends and developments.  Gearhouse Audio is also a proud member of the L’Acoustics Certified Provider network (K Standard) which is comprised of around 650 rental companies worldwide - all of whom share a universal system standard.

Live sound requires a very particular skill set and because of the strong emphasis we place on technical abilities and presentation, the Gearhouse audio crew is constantly in demand. Gearhouse provides dedicated Audio professionals, who are involved from the design phase and able to operate under the most demanding of circumstances to deliver excellent sound quality at any venue of choice.